The name Hospers isn't well known.  The name is written in different ways.  Here you will find some versions. 

Asters Bosbes Bospus Boskers Gorsburg Gosbus Gorpers Haspes
Haspers Haspus Hasters Hastus Hespers Herpus Hobers Hofpers
Hopes Hopens Hopers Hoppe Hopper Hoppers Hoppes Hops
Hopsers Hoppuers Horpers Horspers Horspels Horspets Horster Horsters
Hosbers Hosbes Hosbus Hospan Hospas Hospees Hospens Hospensi
Hospero Höspers de Hospers Hosperss Hosperus Hospes Hospis Hospol
Hospos Osburg Hospus Hosters Hostes Hotspers Houpers Hufters
Huspers Jospers Kaspes Kospers Kaspers Klospers Mosters Mospers
Oksers Osbash Ospers Ospes Osters Postbus Rosbus Rospers
Schotbus Wospers 

If you have seen another way of writing our name, please let me know.  
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