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Looking for our relatives on the World Wide Web wasn't very successful.  Therefore, we decided to create our own site.

In the olden days in the Netherlands, there were two places where you could find the Hospers.  This was in Overijssel (in the town of Vriezenveen) and in Drenthe.

This Family Tree is related to the Hospers in Vriezenveen.
About 1880-1900 a few relatives of this family emigrated to the USA.  They went to the state of Iowa, particularly Pella and Orange City.  Later, they named a town Hospers (after Henry Hospers).

When we receive mail, we notice that often the name Hospers has been misspelled.  To see some of these
variations or misspellings, choose 'variations' on the left side.

On the first page you saw the family-crest.  Are you interested in the meaning of the signs?

The Family Tree goes back to about 1640.  A part of the tree is shown on this site.